Asian Elephant

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

asian elephants

India has almost 25,000-27000 elephants. As far as number go, this may seem sufficient. But, one of the biggest threats facing the elephant in India is gradual loss of habitat. Historically, elephants were found in many areas across the country, but they are now confined to about 110,000sq km of fragmented forests. Many of these isolated elephant habitats are further threatened by fragmentation due to developmental activities,” says Sandeep Kumar Tiwari of the Noida based Wildlife Trust of India. Obstruction of their natural migratory path has resulted in many more cases of conflict with humans. Raman Sukumar of the Bangalore-based Indian Institute of Science has researched elephants for three decades. He says that “if we can protect the elephants’s habitat from further degradation, both humans and elephants can co-exist harmoniously.” A crucial factor for elephants to survive is the extent; this has been facilitated by the government’s Project Elephant. But experts say more needs to be done, especially improving existing corridos. Else, the elephant might well go the way of the tiger or the cheetah in a few decades.


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